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MedCity News has a new Jobs section to provide employers in healthcare another avenue to promote openings. To highlight this new section, company executives are sharing insights on hiring trends and emerging roles in healthcare. 

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With a name taken from the Latin word for integrity, Aequitas Partners  focuses on growth stage companies addressing some of the most pressing challenges across healthcare. The executive search firm’s domain expertise in health tech spans population health, interoperability, medication adherence and oncology care coordination, among others, according to Aequitas Partners’ website.

Aequitas Partners Managing Director Tim Gordon talked about what he’s seeing in the job market, in response to emailed questions.

In the past year, what jobs/roles in digital health have been in the most demand?

For the last 12-18 months, we’ve seen a huge surge in demand for executives up and down the growth and tech functions.  So things like CTO, CPO, VP of Engineering, VP of Product, and Chief Growth Officer/Chief Revenue Officer, Head of Commercial, VP of Sales, etc.  That seems to be driven largely by the slingshot out of Covid-19 hiring pauses in Q3 of 2020, and the continuous record-setting quarters of funding since.

Have you identified any emerging roles, hiring trends?

I think we’ll start to see an uptick in focus on [operations] and finance in 2022.  These are logical follow-ons to the growth and tech leaders getting their jobs done, and positioning companies for scale.  That kind of scale calls for operational and financial rigor, so I imagine we’ll see an investment in those functions. In fact, we already are.

What strategies are companies using to attract the best qualified candidates to compete against larger organizations? 

It runs the gamut. Things like “work flexibility” are now table stakes and not generally a differentiator. Some organizations are just paying up for it —more cash, more equity, more incentives. We’ve seen more sign-on bonuses in the last year than in any previous year. In the absence of expanded budgets, companies are tightening up their interview processes, focusing heavily on improving the candidate experience, and being more decisive when they see what they’re looking for. 

Are there any roles where you have seen a significant upward trend in terms of salaries? If so, what are they?

VPs of engineering and VPs of product have seen a significant boost, as have growth leaders that focus on payers — especially if they are selling value-based anything. You can learn more in our 2020 Digital Health Comp Study here

Aequitas Partners plans to release its 2021 Digital Health Comp Study this month. 

To learn more about posting job announcements on MedCity News, contact Winnie Liu at [email protected].

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